Is There A Right Tanning Lotion?

Social_Determinants_of_Health_and_Community_InfographicIf you are a tanning freak like I am than you know that you have a host of tanning lotion options to choose from. You have the dollar store choices that will run you a few dollars all the way up to the hundreds of dollars options.

The question is which type is the “right” type? If you pay more for your tanning lotion does that guarantee a better tan? Exactly what chemicals are you slathering on your body when you slather on that lotion?

I am not a big fan of tanning products because A. they are expensive and B. I really do not know what is put in those bottles that can help you tan. I think of it this way when you are looking at products with SPF in them you are essentially putting chemicals on your skin to block the suns rays how strong a chemical must be to be able to block out the sun’s rays.

Is using a tanning lotion just as dangerous and exposing your skin to the sun in the first place? The whole situation is a little confusing to me. I do not like to feel greasy but I also want to feel some evidence of the lotion or I feel like it is not working and not worth the bother of putting on.

All Natural Options

While there are all natural options they are very expensive and frankly I do not think of them as little more than expensive moisturizers. It can be overwhelming trying to find a lotion that is natural without chemicals AND that is affordable.

What Can You Do?

If you are looking for the “right” tanning lotion trial and error is probably the best way to go. Try something see if it works for you if it does than it is the right choice for you if it doesn’t move on to the next option.

Of course the trial and error approach can be costly because you have to constantly be buying tanning lotion to find the right one but it does seem to be the only way to find the perfect formula since everyone’s skin is different.

People with sensitive skin have even a worse time trying to find the right lotion for their tanning experience. Many of the chemicals used in lotions can be irritants or allergens. You have to be careful when you are choosing!

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Chemicals, Chemicals and More Chemicals

Faceboo-mental-healthHave you ever stopped to think what all those chemical names are in tanning lotion? I have and to be honest I feel if I can not pronounce it than I should not be putting it on my skin. Sometimes I wonder if in 20 years the powers that be will find that the chemicals that you use to protect your skin is actually causing harm to your skin.

I just do not see how putting on sun tanning lotion that is full of a long list of chemicals can be good for your skin. I get that you need some lotion on if you are headed out into the sun but I just do not understand how adding more chemicals to our bodies is really helpful.

Back In the Day

It seems that everything that makes you feel good is bad for you until someone some where finds out that the theory is wrong and what they thought was bad for you is actually not so bad for you. I am not a rocket scientist and I am not sure how all the interaction between the sun and other factors play a role in disease like skin cancer but I do know that adding more chemicals in the name of protection just does not sound right.

30 years ago people were encouraged to get out in the sun not to tan but because the sun (actually your body’s response to the sun is good for you). Melatonin is a chemical that is naturally produced by your body to protect you from the harmful effects of the sun it is also the chemical that causes the tanning of your skin.

Melatonin is also a “happy” hormone. It makes you feel better! When you slather on tanning lotion you are not really enhancing your body’s ability to produce melatonin you are actually inhibiting the natural process that is associated with the benefits of the sunshine!

Should You Just Say No To Lotion?

I gave up tanning lotion because I found a better healthier way to tan. Should you give up lotion? You have to do what is right for you. Do your research and decide whether adding chemicals to your skin is an option for you. Not everyone feels as strongly as I do about what I put on and in my body. I am old school I think the closest to natural you come the better off you are!

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My Problem AND My Solution

occupational-health-treeBack in my tanning (the traditional way) days I swear I must have gone through hundreds if not thousands of dollars trying to find the right tanning lotion. I would buy a bottle than use it once and discard it because I did not like the smell or it just laid on my skin or it would cause a break out.

Tanning lotion and I just did not seem to ever connect. No matter which brand I tried or how upscale it was I had nothing but bad experiences with it. I thought if I paid more I would get a lotion that worked better but that proved to not be the case.

Sometimes I paid close to a hundred dollars or more for a bottle of tanning lotion especially the indoor type and would find myself itching like crazy from it. It really was just one bad experience after another for me.

Fed Up!

Honestly it was the sheer aggravation of dealing with ineffective lotions every season that really made me nuts. What I wanted was so simple. I wanted a lotion that did not clog my pores, that did not make my skin feel like I was getting ready to lay in a frying pan and one that I could easily understand the ingredients in. Seemed easy enough to me.

What I Did

I tried at first to formulate my own tanning lotion but that ended in disaster and one of the worst sunburns I ever got.

Than I tried using just moisturizer when I was in the sun and that really did not work either. Honestly I was tired of the whole situation than I found something that just changed my entire perspective on tanning lotion.

I found a better way to tan! I did not have to pay crazy amounts of money to get a deep dark natural tan. I did not have to slather on chemicals in a spray tan booth. No more nonsense! Melanotan was the answer!

I gathered up all those wasted bottles and trashed them as soon as I saw what Melanotan could do for me WITHOUT tanning lotion. I do not have to search for a better lotion or try to create my own and best of all I do not have to shell out all that money! Melanotan has saved me a ton of cash and also has helped me keep those chemicals off my skin.

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